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Leave a Remembrance in the Waters You Love
The Ocean Registry offers a unique and creative
way to customize and gift a water location.

Whether celebrating a memory or honoring the loss of a loved one,
we are proud to offer a meaningful way for our customers to secure places of significance
through dedications and by creating legacies within water locations around the world,
preserving those special moments in time.
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Dedicate a location of water to someone or something special and create your custom gift set using our document and map editor.
Dive In
Select a location as a long-lasting legacy site exclusive to you. Create a custom document gift set that includes a Certificate. You’ll have access to additional benefits like photo upload and other enhancement features.
Dive In
From our most inspired customers…

“ This ocean parcel is for my daughter and son-in-law. Costa Rica is their favorite place in the world, they were engaged there and went there on their honeymoon...I thought this was an amazing gift for them. Thank you so much for doing this. I will be telling everybody I know about The Ocean Registry!”

- Allison, Georgia

“ Your creativity is truly inspiring. For all of us who have lost someone significant; through tragedy, through illness, through change- The Ocean Registry is such a beautiful way to honor that grief/journey by appreciating the earth!!! And that's only just one way to approach how to think about owning a little piece of the ocean. Thank you!”

- Elena, Utah

“ A few years ago, my friend lost his father, Tom Dirkes. Tom was an avid sailor, and spent much of his life sailing the Atlantic Ocean. I thought it would be a fitting tribute to get him his own “piece of the ocean”, but didn’t know for sure if such a service even existed. I found The Ocean Registry by doing an online search, and it was like I’d uncovered sunken treasure, pun intended!... Read more..

- Robin, Florida
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