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“A few years ago, my friend lost his father, Tom Dirkes. Tom was an avid sailor, and spent much of his life sailing the Atlantic Ocean. I thought it would be a fitting tribute to get him his own “piece of the ocean”, but didn’t know for sure if such a service even existed. I found The Ocean Registry by doing an online search, and it was like I’d uncovered sunken treasure, pun intended! Lina was so kind and helped me to find a parcel that was off of Merritt Island, Florida. It was close enough to reach quickly, but far enough off shore to be private. My friend, who’d followed in his dad’s footsteps, could sail there from the marina where he kept his sailboat. I thought it would be comforting if he could use this place to feel close to his father. He has the coordinates stored in his GPS, and goes there from time to time, knowing that very spot is “his” and is dedicated to the life of his Dad. I’ve since purchased other parcels from The Ocean Registry, and given them as unique gifts to friends and family, but my first parcel and the story behind it will always be my most memorable. I recommend The Ocean Registry to anyone who wants to get something really special for someone, or for themselves. And, knowing that part of the cost goes to ocean conservation makes it that much better!”

Robin, Florida

"We are all responsible for the future of the ocean and the ocean's future is our future; now with this ocean registry you can adopt your own piece. It’s a great way to connect to the ocean and pass a "piece of it" on to others, and get all of us focused on what our responsibility is. It's a great way for people to feel personally invested in the future of our ocean and its resources.”

Dan Basta, Retired Director, NOAA, National Marine Sanctuaries

"This ocean parcel is for my daughter and son-in-law. Costa Rica is their favorite place in the world, they were engaged there and went there on their honeymoon...I thought this was an amazing gift for them. Thank you so much for doing this. I will be telling everybody I know about The Ocean Registry!"

Allison, Georgia

“I chose Ocean Registry because when you love someone you try your hardest to give them what they love...for all the sea lovers out there, who have an infinite affair with the roaring unpredictable waves of the ocean, your company allows one to give a piece of the ocean symbolically, to honor someone in one of the sweetest yet most meaningful of ways. Stamping the person you adore in the legacy of the ocean. So for a man as special and deserving as Mr. Ellison, I saw it only fit to register a location in each of the seven seas. You made it possible for me to symbolically fulfill one of his dreams- of having been to all of the oceans...but instead he will be remembered forever, across the world’s oceans, and that is only thanks to you. Thank you for your passion, devotion and perseverance that has allowed people to fulfill an impossible dream. Thank you for making it possible to give Mr. Ellison this gift, it means more to me than I am able to express in words”.

Avra Amar Filion

"This was the most thoughtful gift anyone has ever gotten me and I am very thankful. No one has ever thought to create a tribute to my dad before. This meant so much to me."

J.Z., Illinois

"Your creativity is truly inspiring. For all of us who have lost someone significant; through tragedy, through illness, through change- The Ocean Registry is such a beautiful way to honor that grief/journey by appreciating the earth!!! And that's only just one way to approach how to think about owning a little piece of the ocean. Thank you!"

Elena, Utah

“The Ocean Registry is an exciting and creative way for people to connect to the Ocean, and to ultimately understand that we are all one. The Ocean is part of us and we of it.”

Mary Murphy

“The Ocean Registry is a great gift supporting shark conservation and our San Francisco Bay restoration projects. We had a student register a place where we tagged and released a shark in the San Francisco Bay. We received a donation and logged the observation as a datapoint into our Shark Watch program. Registering a parcel of ocean supports our shark conservation work and provides a legacy for the future."